Monday, August 27, 2012

Receive Free Auto Insurance Quotes Online Today

Auto insurance quotes are now free and online, unlike the old days of going through a phone book and trying to receive quotes from several different companies, waiting days for a quote, or possibly days just to have your call returned. However, it is always a good idea to talk with a local agent that represents companies in your area for a good comparison, doing this, will give you a good idea of the likened insurance providers in your state, you best rate however may be online.

The cost of Auto insurance can vary greatly, so it's a very good idea to always shop around and receive several quotes.

Some things you may need to know about purchasing car insurance.

The first thing an insurance company looks at when giving you a quote is your driving history. Have a spotless one, and you'll definitely get a better rate than a guy with a wallet full of tickets.

Automobile Insurance companies also considers the type of car you drive, including its sticker price, the cost to repair the vehicle, replacement value, safety features, and how well it will withstand an accident. The lower the cost of claims for a vehicle, the lower the rates, and therefore the easier it is to get insured.

Here is a list of the top ten least expensive automobiles to insure; that have a sticker price of less than $50k.

1. Oldsmobile Silhouette
2. Pontiac Montana
3. Saturn L Series Wagon
4. Chrysler PT Cruiser
5. Saturn L Series Sedan
6. Chevrolet Venture
7. Chevrolet Astro
8. Saturn Vue
9. Jeep Wrangler
10. Oldsmobile Bravada

Most people understand, 4x4 trucks, luxury cars, sports cars and other performance automobiles are the most expensive to insure. Not only do these cars have high claim rates for theft, collisions, and injury, the companies also consider drivers of these vehicles to be more inclined to speed and this make them a higher risk.

Here is a list of the top ten most expensive automobiles to insure; that have a sticker price of less than $50k.

1. Lexus IS 300
2. Land Rover Discovery Series II
3. Audi S4
4. Jaguar X-Type
5. Mercedes SLK Class
6. Lexus GS 430
7. Land Rover Freelander
8. Mitsubishi Montero
9. BMW X5
10. Toyota 4Runner

How much coverage should someone consider?

Almost every state requires you to buy a minimum amount of liability coverage. Chances are that you will need more liability insurance than the state requires because accidents cost more than the minimum limits. If you're found legally responsible for bills that are more than your insurance covers, you will have to pay the difference out of your own pocket, and that could be expensive.

Most auto insurance agents recommend a minimum of $100,000 of bodily injury protection per person and $300,000 per accident. If your net worth is more than $300,000, consider buying additional liability insurance. You may also consider purchasing an umbrella or excess liability policy. These policies pay when your underlying coverage is exhausted. Typically, these policies cost between $200 and $300 per year for a million dollars in coverage. If you have your homeowners and auto insurance with the same company, check out the cost of coverage with this company first. If you have coverage with different companies, it may be easier to buy it from your auto insurance company.

Life insurance, or any insurance, is almost like a necessary evil, it's a cost you could do without, but in reality, it's a cost you could not do without, rather it be, life, home, health, auto etc., it's something we all need, and life insurance is something our loved ones cannot be without. Good luck in your search,

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